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Rank #1 In Google Maps In Your Area With This 10 Min Setup

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Become the top-ranked business in your market through automated reviews

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Free Setup Included

In just 10 minutes, our team of experts is here to help you with the onboarding setup, ensuring your reviews start flowing right away.

No spam

We Don’t Spam Customers

Automated invitations are only sent to those who haven’t received a request to review your business within 6 months.

The Problem

Everyday, People Search For Businesses Like Yours…

(But 80% Of Them Only Click The Top 3)

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Asking Each Customer Individually Every Time

Only 5% success rate in getting a review

Limited control over when and how customers provide feedback

Difficulty in scaling as the number of reviews increases, it becomes difficult and time-consuming to request and respond manually.

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Using Other Review Platforms

2-10X more expensive

Do not integrate with Square POS

Built for ecommerce not for local business

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Here’s how

You’re 1 Setup Away From Becoming The#1 Business in Your Area

(2X Your Reviews, 2X Your Leads)

Set it once and automatically send review invitations via SMS & Email after a purchase is made on your Square POS.

No More Losing Clients To Competitors With More Reviews

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Step #1

In Just 10 Mins, We Will Help You Set Up Everything

Our team shows you how to:

✅ Link your Google business profile

✅ Customize your SMS and Email invitations together with your brand, Logo, and Tone of Voice

✅ Setup the rules for sending the invitation

📹 Or set everything up yourself in 10 mins with our step-by-step video tutorials.

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Step #2

Easily Setup Your Invitations & Follow-Up Sequence

Our simple interface allows anyone in your team to create follow-up sequences.

✅ Select from our high-converting templates and customize it (add or remove steps)

✅ Set Email or SMS (or Both)

Select how much time to wait before each send

“I set up my invitations once, and now it’s automated forever. I doubled my reviews in the first 30 days and am on track to hit 100”.

Gabriel’s Christmas LLC (Square seller for 6 years)

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Never “Spam” Clients! We Check Who Has Been Asked Already

Because we’re connected with Square, we can distinguish who’s already been asked for a review and who hasn’t. We prevent spamming your old and new customers by not sending them a review invitation within 6 months.

Step #3

Filter Negative Reviews

Our team shows you how to:

Every review is rated by customers from 0 to 10 and reviews less than 7 are considered as negative.

✅ Sends out different messages if the review is positive or negative.

✅ Allows customers to write an open-ended review to voice their concerns.

✅ Gives customers the option if they want to share their feedback on Google or not.

Step #4

Increase Conversion By 20%-40% By Adding Social Proof To Your Website

⚙️ 1 min setup – copy/paste into your website header (we have video tutorials for this)

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Step #5

Everything You Need To Increase Reviews

Link mode

Track the details of your reviews collecting campaign by embedding your dedicated URL in your emails, QR codes, invoicing, etc.

Bulk Import/Sending

Watch your reviews skyrocket as you connect with your previous customers to ask for reviews.

Analytics Dashboard

Optimize to get more reviews by checking the insights from your reviews collecting campaign.

Request Reviews In Your Invoice

Increase getting more reviews by adding a review request when you send your invoice.

Loved by 100+ companies

How Businesses Like Yours Are Using Reviews To Outrank Anyone

7X Reviews Collected In
Just 10 Days

Even during the trial period, Saint Paul increased their Google Reviews from 3 to 24.

“It was a set-and-forget setup that we just let it do its thing. We’re approaching 200 reviews now”

David, St Pauls (Square seller 1 year)

2X More Phone Calls

Experienced a 12X increase in monthly reviews, and now has surpassed 100 reviews, all of which are 5-star.

“Can’t believe we missed out on a lot but after Good Reviews, we’re able to have consistent reviews and more customers coming in our shop.”

Kerry, Kerry Spindler (Square seller 5 years)

12.5X More Bookings

WDSM water collected 100 reviews in their first two months. Surpassing their 100 review goal.

“Our reviews jumped 7x over two months or so (going from 20 to 150), all of which are 5-star”

Paul, WSDM WATER (Square seller 7 year)

Free trial

87% Of Our Trial Users Get 10+ New Reviews (Even) During the Free Trial

Our team of experts are ready to assist you during your trial period. Learn the best ways to increase your reviews and rise to the top of the search results.

✅ We’ll help you set it up – Up & running in 10 mins

✅ Cancel anytime – No contracts

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“During thefirst 2 days of the free trial I collected 12 reviews
that’s more than I’ve collected in 12 months”
– Michele, Colonna Contemporary