People always buy from well-reviewed businesses and you know it

90% – That’s how many people read a review before making a purchase decision online. What are you doing about it?

  15% average increase in sales and leads
  Average of 25 new Google reviews in the first month
  5 mins setup and no technical expertise required

Every business that serves a local area needs a Google review solution.

And hundreds of them are using goodreviews to put Google review collection and showcasing on autopilot in less than 15 minutes.

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Honestly, is this the best way to collect and display google reviews?

It’s costing you doing it manually

Asking your customers for reviews either in person or afterward manually costs you and your staff $1000s.

  • You’re not using your reviews to get you more sales (It’s costing you $10,000s)
  • You’re not collecting reviews as fast as you should be. Giving your competition the advantage.
  • You’re not handling/blocking negative reviews coming to your business.

Why would you pay for eCommerce review software?

Local business isn’t eCommerce. Local businesses shouldn’t have to overpay ($500 per business location) for bloated, complex software that wasn’t made for them.

  • You are paying for features not relevant to your business
  • They steal traffic away from your website
  • The price scales quickly to $10,000s dollars per year

Adam - Clf Services - Google Widget Success Story
5-Google Stars

“Goodreviews is the swiss knife of review tools. Our sales went up by 15% by showing Google reviews.”

– Adam Fairclough, Owner-operator, CLF Services

There’s a better way to do it.

Goodreviews provides a combination of tools that helps local businesses dramatically increase the amount of Google reviews they receive every month with customizable email campaigns, automated-follow ups, dedicated review landing pages, review automation, and we provide in-depth analytics to track everything along the way.

Step 1 

15% average increase in sales

Sign up, and boost sales

Your could-be customers are unsure if you are the best option for them.

That hesitation they feel is holding them back from purchasing.

On any website, in under 5 mins, you can begin to boost your sales by leveraging the power of social proof.

Your most recent 4+ star Google reviews will be shown every few seconds.

What will you see? More sales. 

Step 2

Customize everything that matters to you.

That’s right, you can drop your logo, customize your wording and get the look and feel you want your customers to receive.

Step 3

Average of 25 new Google reviews in the first month 

Skyrocket your Google Reviews with your first campaign

You’ve served a lot of customers in your time. And we bet most of them didn’t leave you a review.

That’s a huge opportunity.

Upload your customer list, hit send, sit back and see an immediate uplift in your reviews.

Step 4

121% average monthly increase in reviews.

Review collection on autopilot

Use your unique goodreviews email to bcc into your invoicing system.

You send an invoice. We send a review request automatically 7-days later with automated follow-up sequences.

Put your review collection on autopilot.


Plus get detailed insights into everything that’s happening

Track everything that matters without compromise. See exactly how many of your website visitors read reviews, how many reviews you’ve earned, projected reviews for the year, and much more. 

Review guarentee

The best part? If you don’t get more reviews than you did the month before, we’ll credit you a free month.

No gimmicks. No hidden fees. No Price Scaling. We offer one set price per business location so you don’t have to worry about getting any surprises.

Will it work on my website?

Absolutely, goodreviews works on all websites.

What does "per business location" mean?

This is based on how many Google My Business locations you have. Let’s say you have 3 locations, this would be 3 x $49.99 totaling a monthly cost of $149.97.

Will my business see an uplift in sales?

87% of our customers see an uplift in their sales. How do we know? We’ve battle-tested this widget on many websites. We’ve run advance A/B Tests across most industries to see the exact percentage uplift.

Do you offer discounts for NFPs (not-for-profits)

Yes, please contact us directly. 

Will I be locked into a contract?

No, we don’t believe in shackling people down. Cancel anytime.

How does the free trial work?

The free 14-day trial starts from the date you sign up. We require your credit card to activate the trial. We will send you an email 2-days before your trial expires as a friendly reminder.

Can I put fake reviews?

No, if that’s the sort of product you’re looking for go elsewhere.

Will I be collecting Google Reviews?

Yes, we sync directly with Google. Meaning, every review you collect will be in your Google My Business account?

These companies have increased their revenue & reviews, When will you?

Watch your sales increase with the power of social proof and become the top-rated business in your local area. Sign up for your free two-week trial.

5-Google Stars

“We saw 13% more leads with Goodreviews Very much recommend as a simple, cost-effective solution for displaying & collecting reviews.”

– Jessica, Marketing Manager, Cricks Automotive

5-Google Stars

“We doubled our reviews & broke our company records for reviews collected. I’d been looking for a tool like this for a while.

– Marcel Harfouche, Chief Marketing Officer, Doors Plus