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How it works

When deciding whether or not to implement reviews online, many businesses worry about the impact of bad reviews.

Bad reviews are a fact of business, whether you have a brick-and-mortar store, are an eCommerce business, or some combination of both. It’s hard to please all customers all of the time.

But not only is negative feedback something you shouldn’t shy away from — it may even help your business.

At Goodreviews, we help businesses deter reviews from going through to Google and allow you to collect valuable feedback.

A sliding scale

When your customers are given the option to leave a review they are presented with a range between 0 to 10.

We use this scale to determine how we handle a positive (7-10) or a negative review(<7). 


A positive review

Turn your customers into promoters by making it as easy as possible to leave reviews on Google.

If a customer leaves you a positive feedback score we encourage them to go to Google immediately.



Negative feedback

If the review is negative the customer is presented with the option to fill in an open-ended form.

This allows them to vent any frustrations they may have had and give feedback on their experience with your business.

By giving them an avenue to voice their opinion it not only lets them feel heard but also allows you to understand where you can improve.

We don’t review gate

After leaving a negative score and entering their feedback, customers will be given the option to leave feedback on your selected reviews sites.

According to Google’s Terms & Conditions, you have to offer all reviewers an option to leave a review – even if it is negative.

Your customer is presented with language that reassures them that their feedback is valued and that your business will take it seriously.

This, alongside the previous step, will deter them from going to Google or other public review sites.

Analysis your feedback

All of your feedback is available in our Customer Feedback Analytics. Here you can drill down into who gave the feedback, when they gave it, and what they said.

This allows you to quickly get in contact with the customer and resolve issues immediately.

Don’t let one-star reviews keep you up at night

Negative reviews are not that bad. They can help your business, they’re easy to handle and you can easily combat them by just getting more reviews in general (because we know most of them will be good!).

Goodreviews will help you deter negative reviews, and for those that do come through, we will help you bury them with positive reviews. 

5-Google Stars

“We saw 13% more leads with Goodreviews Very much recommend as a simple, cost-effective solution for displaying & collecting reviews.”

– Jessica, Marketing Manager, Cricks Automotive

5-Google Stars

“We doubled our reviews & broke our company records for reviews collected. I’d been looking for a tool like this for a while.

– Marcel Harfouche, Chief Marketing Officer, Doors Plus