Goodreview’s Features

We help you display and collect reviews so that you make more money and become the top-rated business in your area 

No matter what you sell or who you sell it to

Features that skyrocket conversions & reviews

45% average increase in leads and sales in the first week

Display Google reviews with ease

A 4+ star review is shown every few seconds on your website.

Instantly build trust and credibility so people take action on your site.

Finally, an easy way to win trust

On average, a customer needs to read 10 reviews before they trust you.

We show 20 reviews at a time. 

Google Review Widget with multiple reviews

Bring social proof to your website

Users can interact, scroll, and read the full depth of your reviews.

Bring your customers voice to life.

Goodreviews Scrollable-Images

Collect Google reviews like clockwork

121% average increase in reviews collected

We ask returning guests
directly for a review

Unlike any other platform we ask
returning guests to leave a review
whilst they’re on your website.

We return to brands we love. That’s
why your website is the perfect place to collect more 5-star reviews.

Direct customers to the
correct location

Goodreviews pulls in all your business locations and allows customers to leave a review with the location they had their experience.

Leave their review on

Your customer will be prompted to
rate, upload photos and write
anything they wish to add.

Google Review Widget Ask for Reviews
Select Google My Business Location to review
Leaving a Google Review

Dominate your local area on Google

Reviews make up 15% of your local ranking

Beat your local Competitors

All reviews collected integrate directly with Google – the worlds leading review platform. A recent study found that 17% of all clicks go to position one in Google’s local listings. From those who click 53% will then visit that business within 48 hours.

That’s¬†crazy.¬†Over half of the people searching for businesses are ready to become a customer.

Reviews are one of the most important SEO ranking factors for local business. If you serve a local area, either independently or as a large chain, then it’s imperative you collect reviews to outperform your competition.

How would your business change if you were the highest rated in your local area?


A company rising to the top of Google with reviews

Advanced reporting

Track and measure exactly how your review profile is going

Our insights include how many review were collected in the month, how many people engaged with the goodreviews widget, how many reviews were read on your website, what your average star rating for the month is, how your reviews are tracking over time, and much more.

How it works

Get setup in under 15 minutes and start using the power of goodreviews


Sign up for a free trial

After filling in your details and linking your credit card your free two-week trial will begin.


Link your Google My Business

You will need to link goodreviews to your Google My Business. This is a simple add of an email address under users.


Allow Google Permissions

We require you to allow permissions with Google. This is a simple 1-click allow access.


Install one line of code

The last step is to install our script into the head tag of your website. We have documentation and a team of support if you need any help along the way.

One line of code, all websites and tools

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