How to get your Google Review Link and ask your customers for reviews

by | Aug 26, 2022

In this short guide we are going to show you how to get your google review link.

So your Google My Business is set up but you are only seeing a handful of your happy customers leaving written reviews…

You might be asking yourself, how can I change this? How can I ensure our customers are leaving reviews and helping us build our brand and services credibility? 

Consumer studies have shown that 70% of customers will leave a review if asked… but how can you easily ask your customers to leave your business a review, I hear you saying…

Well, the answer is actually really simple… by creating a Google Review Link that you can send directly to your customers asking them to leave you a review.

Because more positive reviews means more social proof, and more social proof means increased trustworthiness with existing customers and potential new customers. 

If you’re ready to start reaping the rewards of online reviews, simply follow the steps below to set your business up with a Google Review Link.

How to get your Google Review Link

Step 1: Start by logging into your Google Business Account. Then scroll down until you locate Get More Reviews.

Google my business page screenshot showing you where to locat Get more reviews button.

Step 2: Click on the Share Form button. This will generate a custom link. 

Image of Share form to get more google reviews and access your google review link

Step 3: Once your custom link is created, you can now copy and send your Google Review link directly to your customers to ask them to leave you a review.

The link is also directly shareable via – Facebook, WhatsApp,Twitter or  Email.  

Image showing a link to review your business on google with customers.

Hey Presto! Or should we say, Hello Reviews! You now have a direct link that can be sent to customers for feedback.

This is a great method for reaching out to customers and making it easy for them to review your business. On the other side, it can be a little tiresome. If you are looking for an automated solution check out our Google review collection features. great for businesses who want to get reviews manually.

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