Goodreviews for Gyms & Fitness

Become the top rated Gym or Fitness Studio in your local area, with ease.

The Goodreviews platform helps Gyms and Fitness Studio’s easily generate Google reviews at scale so that you can become the number one option on Google and get more memberships.

Kayak Tour Business on Google getting an enquiry with reviews
๐Ÿ’ก 12.08% avg increase in trials

Convert your website visitors into bookings

Use the goodreviews trust-widget to turn reviews into bookings by displaying 5-star reviews on your website โ€” so potential customers have everything they need to feel confident that you are the best for their fitness needs.

Google Reviews displayed on website
Google Review flow image of goodreviews leading to test drives and built up online reputation.
๐Ÿ’ก 133.3% avg increase in Gym reviews

More reviews = more customers

Itโ€™s simple: more reviews mean more trials and memberships.

Goodreviews automatically sends review requests via email the minute your customers leave your gym. Goodreviews integrates with most Gym management software systems.

You can also collect reviews in person by using a dedicated tablet with your own custom review landing page or with your own QR codes.

The result? More reviews, more trust and more leads.


Measure your Gym or studios customer experience

Our review software helps you aggregate and monitor your gym’s reviews.

Goodreviews provides invaluable, at-a-glance insight into your customer experience, allows you to drill down into your gym’s feedback, and track your review performance over time.

All the tools you need to make growing your Gym a breeze

Automated review collection

Goodreviews seamlessly integrates with the software you already use. Send an invoice? Goodreviews can automatically send review requests.

Built-in follow up 

If your customer doesn’t open their invite we will send them another one. We do this to increase the likelihood that you receive reviews.

Negative review deterrence

We help businesses deter reviews from going through to Google and allow you to collect valuable feedback

Turn browsers into buyers

Use the goodreviews trust-widget to turn reviews into revenue by displaying them on your website

Collect reviews in bulk with a few clicks

Upload your customer list, hit send, sit back and see an immediate uplift in your reviews.

On brand messaging

Thatโ€™s right, you can drop your logo, customize your wording and get the look and feel you want your customers to receive.

5-Google Stars

“We saw 13% more leads with Goodreviews Very much recommend as a simple, cost-effective solution for displaying & collecting reviews.”

โ€“ Jessica, Marketing Manager, Cricks Automotive

5-Google Stars

“We doubled our reviews & broke our company records for reviews collected. I’d been looking for a tool like this for a while.

โ€“ Marcel Harfouche, Chief Marketing Officer, Doors Plus