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121% average increase in reviews collected

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Every month, we plant a tree on your behalf.

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277,106+ reviews read on...

Display Google reviews on your website

45% average increase in leads and sales in the first week

Display Google reviews with ease

A 4+ star review is shown every few seconds on your website. 

Instantly, Build trust and credibility so people take action on your site.

What sort of action

More sales...more enquiries...more revenue.

One of our customers made an additional $96,600 in revenue in one month (more on that later).

Finally, an easy way to win trust

On average, a customer needs to read 10 reviews before they trust you.

So that's why we show 20 reviews.

Goodreviews is the proven way to win their trust whilst they are browsing your website.


$96,600 generated in sales in one month

For his practice, the average new patient is worth $1,400 for the year.

So, in one month he was able to generate an additional $96,600..

And at the same time... reviews for his practice increased by 700%, from 2 to 16, in one month.

When we told Dr Lucas the results he was blown away from the results:

"Wow, this product just made sense when I signed up, but I didn't know it would make such a difference, so quickly. I don't know why every business isn't using this".

Let me tell you a quick story. 

Dr Lucas, a dentist in Sydney, knew reviews were important to his business but didn't know how they could impact his sales

So, we decided to show him. 

We ran a test, to find the exact benefits of displaying and collecting reviews.

And what did we find?

A 14% lift in conversion rate brought in an additional 69 new customers.

45% average increase in leads and sales

Our reviews have doubled since we signed up with goodreviews. We couldn't be more happy with the results.

β€” Marcel Harfrouche, Chief Marketing Office, Doors Plus

Double your current review collection

121% average increase in reviews collected every month

Collect reviews on your website

Did you know 65% of customers will leave a review if asked?

We get it... Asking for reviews can be a bit uncomfortable..

And, like many of us it goes in the "I should do that" pile. 

Well, in under 10 minutes you can have your reviews sorted automatically.

Our widget asks your customers to review you.

And what will you see? Reviews roll in like clockwork.

Get more Google reviews

It's no secret...

We go to Google for everything

Having Google reviews helps you beat your competition...

Think about it for a second... How many times have you chosen Business X over Business Y because they had more or better reviews?

Too many to count? Us too.

That's why we focus directly on building your Google profile.

Have multiple locations?

This part is pretty unique...

We direct your customer to the store they had their experience.

Allowing them to easily leave a review in the correct location.  


From a 3.6 star rating to 4.9

We return to websites we love...

That is why your website is the perfect place to have customers review you.

Just like this customer, they had their happiest customers leaving them reviews.

And, not only did they increase their reviews by over double for the month.

They also saw those reviews be on an average of 4.9 stars.

121% average increase in reviews collected

The product is perfect and
it's really well priced.

Simon Van Wyk, Head of Digital and eCommerce, Autopact

We are 95% more affordable than our competitors

Don't pay $399 per month








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Users per month

Business locations allowed




One tree planted per month

Customize look and feel

Priority support

A/B Testing of widget

Multiple locations

Email review invitations (coming soon)

SMS review invitations (coming soon)

A few more reasons to sign up...

Rise to the top of Google

Reviews are one of the most integral parts to local rankings.

Works on all websites

Plant a tree every month

The goodreviews widget works on all websites and tools. From wordpress to clickfunnels.

Every month we will plant a tree on your behalf. Helping this planted of ours.

Reviews are key to SEO rankings. Goodreviews has been super beneficial to my clients.

Oliver Applebaum, Senior SEO Manager, Online Marketing Gurus

Get more leads by rising to the top of Google

53% of people will visit a business after clicking it on Google

Beat your local competition

53% of people who click on Google will visit that business within 48 hours.

That’s crazy. Over half of the people searching for businesses are ready to become a customer.

Reviews are one of the most important ranking factors.

If you serve a local area, either independently or as a large chain, then it’s imperative you collect reviews to outperform your competition. 

Reviews are the third most important factor in Google rankings

Plant a tree every

Each month, we plant one tree on your behalf. 

We are dedicated to making it easier to give back to the environment.

Create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. 

Now with goodreviews our reviews are sorted automatically.

Adam Fairclough, Managing Director, CLF Electrical Services


Do I need a Google My Business account?

Yes, our platform requires you have set up and verified your listing. The widget will not render if you do not have a GMB.

What is meant by a User?

In simple terms, how many people are coming to the website per month. This number can be found in Google Analytics under Audiences > Overview > Users. Take your average monthly users to define which plan you are best suited for.

Will this work on my website?

Yes it will! The widget is a simple line of code that you need to place in your <head> tag - don't worry we will show you how to do this!

What will happen when I reach max Users?

The widget will no longer render. We track unique views and once the widget reaches its limit it will automatically shut off for the remainder of the month. It will then show again at the start of the month.

How does the free trial work?

Select your plan, enter your billing information and start your 30 day trial. We will send you an email 7 days prior letting you know the period is ending.

Do you offer discounts for NFPs?

Yes, we offer huge discounts for nonprofits. Contact us for more information.

We help people like you everyday.

Join 1000+ businesses leveraging the power of reviews.

45% average increase in leads and sales

121% average increase in reviews collected

100% Privacy. We don't share your information.

Reviews are the third most important
factor in Google rankings

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